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justin asked 2 years ago

Hello Geekvape, I really like my Aegis, definitely my favorite vape mod right now,  but i always want a dual 18650 version for more power and battery life.  Will you guys release a dual 18650 version?  Thank you in advance.

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geekvape answered 2 years ago

Thanks for your question, actually we have already been working on it, dual battery aegis sure will come.

jeff answered 2 years ago

this is fantastic news I love my aegis but a dual battery aegis would make my year

Mark Rothermel answered 2 years ago

Great can’t wait for it to come out. I’m on the golf course when I vape so I need a very durable long lasting mod, so dual/triple 21700 would be awesome. Heard nothing but good things about the aegis accept battery life, the new sub ohm tanks at 50+ watts kills the batteries. And easier way to update the device too like the Samsung galaxy, usb charge and update, its waterproof too. 

geekvape Staff replied 2 years ago

Thanks for your feedback Mark, may i know which feature is more attractive to your guys, waterproof or shockproof?

Dave answered 2 years ago

Hi Geekvape, I would really, really love to purchase a gun metal and grey camo dual 21700 creation from you, that would be for sure one of the best mods available to date! Not many GOOD dual 21700/26650 mods going at the moment, I think you could do something about that! You already did with the Blade, just need to do it with the Aegis with shockproof (in my opinion)
Also I see mentioned in a comment here, waterproof or shockproof? Personally, I would say shockproof 🙂
If I see a dual 21700 Aegis which looks like a single battery Aegis Grey camo/gun metal for purchase, you have converted me to Geekvape! Take my money!!! lol

geekvape Staff replied 2 years ago

Well, let’s release a dual 18650 version at first, there are not so many 21700 batteries out there, once they are popular, you will soon see a dual 21700 gunmetal aegis!

Rene answered 2 years ago

When do you think the dual will come out?

geekvape Staff replied 2 years ago

Hi Rene, it is supposed to come out before May

Adrian answered 2 years ago

Hi Geekvape, knowing dual battery aegis will come out before may are holding me to buy a new mod. Currently i have an aegis, and it’s love on first sight. Nothing out there have beautiful, sporty, and sturdy at the same time as an aegis mod.
Please make a dual aegis with the same material as the original (rubber, leather, metal). Basically the same just dual battery and more watts. I’d be happy to throw my money for dual battery aegis. As long as the new aegis are competitive in price 🙂
Regarding shock proof/water proof, i prefer shockproof, many people drop their mods all the time, but i never saw someone vape on the swimming pool, but still waterproof is a valuable addition just in case of raining. Also more colour variation would be nice, i have the black yellow aegis and no mods come as attractive as the black yellow aegis.
I’m sure you guys will delivered something good. Can’t wait

support01 answered 2 years ago

Thanks  for your nice feedback, Adrian,
we are also testing and checking the dual AEGIS,
it’s coming in the near future, 
Kindly please feel free to share your using experience with us anytime.
Have a nice day!
Best regards!

Tooty answered 2 years ago

Put me on the list!

Phil answered 2 years ago

Really looking forward to the extended battery life of a dual battery AEGIS. Waterproof is the feature I really enjoy with my current 26650 version. It is the only mod I take outside if it is going to rain or snow, or if I’m headed to the beach. The exterior of the original has held up very well for me, not a scratch on it and it’s been dropped once or twice. I love the feel of your combined leather (camo) metal and rubber.  I trust you have already decided not to change that signature. Knowing it will be available by May helps with my planning, I won’t let another device usurp GeekVapes position as next must buy mod… when you live on a fixed income, you have to plan ahead.

Apollo answered 2 years ago

I would love to see the Aegis dual battery be able to accomodate 30mm Tanks/RDAs just like the first Aegis does. Battery venting is also a concern of mine more than the fear of dropping the mod into water or exposure to rain so SHOCKPROOF is definitiely a bigger concern to me than waterproof. Thank you Geekvape I cant wait to get my hands on the new Aegis 🙂

Rees answered 2 years ago

Inability to charge in device was something I couldn’t cope with. Carrying a battery charger everywhere, or multiple batteries. Its in the drawer with other failures.

Scott answered 2 years ago

I love bot of my original Aegis mods and ready to preorder the dual 18650 version! It has held up great except for the paint on top around the 510 has worn off completely. Hope to see preorders available soon! and with better paint around the 510.

Adam Cooper answered 2 years ago

Hello Geekvape,
im in the market to buy a new vape mod very soon. I’ve watched probably hundreds of video reviews and I narrowed my choice down to either the VooPoo Drag, or the Geek Vape Aegis. I love the look, style, and durability of the Aegis. I also absolutely love that it comes in a kit with good atomizer (the shield). I plan to order my new mod within a few weeks. I stumbled on a forum that indicated GeekVape is coming out with a dual battery version. Is there any word on the release date? Or an idea of a possible time period? I would hate to order the aegis kit and then the newer version (which is what I really want) be released. Thank you for your information!

geekvape Staff replied 2 years ago

Hello Adam, Aegis dual will be there before May, thank you for your support 🙂

Mustapha answered 2 years ago

Hi Geekvape. I own the Aegis mod too, it’s a lovely mod. The only con is the battery life. I’m basically forced to vape a single coil setup at 30 watts to ensure a full day’s battery life. The dual battery Aegis will definitely be a huge improvement which will make it the perfect if not BEST mod. Just a side note with regards to the accessories that comes with the mod. You receive 2 screws for the USB port and an 18650 battery adaptor only. I had difficulty getting a USB cable small enough to fit in the USB port when I updated the firmware. Can you guys please include a USB cable that fits in the port and so that the mod comes with its own USB cable to do updates? Can you also include a hex tool to remove the screws for the USB port? I had to use the hex tool that came with my peerless rda se to remove the screws. A hex tool and a USB cable will definitely be useful. The second note is that you guys should not spray paint the outside screws, it peels off very easily and it makes the mod look cheaply built once it peels. Can you guys please not spray paint the screws but rather heat treat it like the screws that comes with the peerless rda se or just leave it the natural silver colour. I know you guys will probably take some of this info into consideration and that would be fantastic. I would definitely buy and pay more for the dual battery Aegis with the extra accessories and unpainted screws. Thanks again for your awesome products.

geekvape Staff replied 2 years ago

Hi Mustapha, let me answer your questions one by one.
1. Dual battery Aegis will have a USB port for both firmware update and battery charging, USB cable will be included in the package.
2. You do not need any tool for USB port, it is covered with a silicone button and you can slip it with fingers.
3. We actually use heat treat method for the screws, not spray paint for the Aegis Legend and we also will include spare silver screws for personal reference.

Ian Crawford answered 2 years ago

I have a question about the Dual Aegis. Will the unit lock making it impossible to fire or change your settings by pressing both the + and – keys at the same time? Currently, pressing both the + and – key at the same time locks the ability to change settings. In order to make it impossible to fire you need to press the fire key 5 times within some period of time. If not please allow customers to press the +/- keys to lock the unit from firing. I doubt it will require anything more than a software update and is completely possible with any unit.

geekvape Staff replied 2 years ago

Will check with out chip team, will do that if feasible 🙂

Chris answered 2 years ago

Think a dual 20700/18650 Aegis would be the ultimate! Love my aegis.

geekvape Staff replied 2 years ago

Dual 18650 Aegis will be released this month 🙂

Ian Crawford answered 2 years ago

Thanks for answering my question about the dual aegis locking by pressing +/- at the same time. But I wanted to elaborate. Currently holding down the +/- buttons for about 5 seconds locks it so that you cannot change settings. This is great and should be kept as is. What I was asking for is that a quick press of +/- will lock the unit so that it cannot fire. If both of these are achieved then you will have a unit that can lock easily and can also lock in your settings too. This would be ideal and what customers want.
People do not want to press the fire button five times within 3 seconds while driving down the road and have to check it to make sure it is actually locked. Also the sizzling sounds it makes while trying to lock it(at least for me at 75.5 watts) are annoying and not professional.

geekvape Staff replied 2 years ago

I see i will send feedback back to our chip team 🙂

Mike Bone answered 2 years ago

Awesome to hear the Aegis is coming with dual batteries! Personally, the biggest thing for me would be that it is still shockproof and dustproof. I work at a mine so i deal with a lot of dust, so having that is a must for me! Cant wait for the mod to come out!

geekvape Staff replied 2 years ago

Coming soon Mike!

Enrique Díaz answered 2 years ago

Hi! I love my Aegis and now it’s my all day mod, when see the new Aegis Legend I want it for the two 18650 but the Aegis dual have the instantaneous firing (0.015 seconds) feature?
I don’t see it in the description. 
Thank you Geekvape!

geekvape Staff replied 2 years ago

It fires even faster, we keep improving our chip, the Aegis AS chip is much more accurate, powerful and faster!

Gino answered 2 years ago

Yes finally Geek Vape! since you release the Aegis i am praying soon you will release dual batt. 
hope you will release in different colors specially green! 🙂

Paul Crawford answered 2 years ago

Ok, so… where is this thing? Lol… I sell your products. We would sell quite a few of these very quickly.
Thanks, PC in Augusta,ME,USA

Kyle answered 2 years ago

How the fuck do you bloody charge the 100 watts aeigis just bought one fuckin gay

Giuseppe Pappalardo answered 2 years ago

Hi. I would like to make a request: would it be possible in the next firmware in VPC mode to decide the tripping times for each watt range entered?
Thank you

Mustapha answered 2 years ago

Hi Geekvape. Thank you for listening! I just got my Snake Skin Aegis Legend yesterday and boy oh boy am I a happy chappy 🙂. The first thing I did was to update the firmware to the latest version. My mod is working perfectly fine and battery life is good so far, I still haven’t recharged yet since yesterday, think its been just over 24 hours since I took the new set of batteries out of the charger. I’m using a new set of Sony VTC5a batteries. I plan on getting another set as a backup. I’m also using a XTAR VP4 to charge as I prefer not to charge via the USB port and will only use it for firmware updates. I see you included a USB cable small enough to fit the port as per my request in an earlier post, you also included 4 extra screws as per my request as well. The screws on the mod and the extras included are unpainted which I’m extremely happy about. The rose/gold paint on the mod panels has a extra clear coat ontop of the colour paint as well which I’m also very happy about. You guys did exactly what I asked for as you can see in my previous request further up in this post. I am thankful that you guys actually listened and did everything I asked for. I do however have one tiny suggestion for the Aegis Legend – please include a spare door venting rubber incase the batteries ever vented because the mod will not be water resistant if the door rubber ever vents. One was included with the first Aegis. Other than that I think the mod is perfect and I cannot be happier. I’m a Geekvape fan for life! My next upgrade will be the Dual Zues. My previous geekvape products was the Original Aegis, the Peerless rdta, the Peerless rda se, Geekvape SS and NI80 wire. My current geekvape products is the Aegis Legend and the Ammit 25, and geekvape wire. I do wish to get the Geekvape toolkit in future, I currently have a full toolkit from a different supplier but wish to sell it and get a full on Geekvape setup as I am A huge Fan! Thanks again for listening

support01 answered 2 years ago

Dear  Mustapha
Thank you so much for your amazing support and feedback, 
I already shared your info with our team ,if we have any new update , you will see soon.
Kindly please feel free to share any new advice by mail
Thanks a lot.

Daz answered 2 years ago

Hi geekvape . Would rele love to see a new waterproof aegis Mod come out . I had the first two versions which were great for me as I work outside so waterproof mod for me is perfect . so many people I know have also been saying they didn’t no a waterproof mod existed an so they have now also bought them.  Would love to see a more compact version with either triple 18650 simular design to the Wismec gen3 or a dual 20700/21700 in a nice compact form like the wismec rx2 20700. Love your products . I have pretty much every tank n mod you have used . Except the blade mod as it was massive 

support01 answered 2 years ago

Hi Daz,
Thanks for your support and nice support, 
I have been shared  your nice advice with our engineers to refference, 
here is our professional team email,if you have any new advice, 
please feel free to share with,
We will reply you within 1-3 working days, thanks.

Nikko answered 2 years ago

That\\\’s great idea. I was looking for a triple battery mod. Previously owned a DNA Triade but died so quickly. Heard that our local retailer was selling an Aegis, never hesitated on buying one. then a friend mentioned that there was a dual battery version. and I was like OMG! I want one. then suddenly i saw my old triade and wondered. will there ever be a triple 18650 DNA version of aegis? that would really be awesome!

Mark@ answered 2 years ago

A triple battery aegis legend would be soooo awesome, any plans for this in the future 

support01 answered 2 years ago

Thanks Mark for your nice advice, 
I have been shared your ideas with our team, 
Welcome everyone to our professional after-sales team email to provide comments.
Thanks a lot.

Michael answered 2 years ago

I was wondering if you are going to make it possible to turn the aegis legend off without having to press the fire button causing the coil to fire it’s not a big deal but it’s an unnecessary firing and could effect life of the coil

Jesse answered 2 years ago

Hey Michael, I realize that this may not be ideal but what I do with my Aegis Legend is just puff on it while I turn it off to make sure the coils aren’t dry firing. Cheers, hope this helps 🙂

James answered 2 years ago

Hi there,
Could you please release a dual 26650 unit as I would buy this in a  heartbeat 🙂

support01 answered 2 years ago

Thanks advice, James
I have been shared your ideas with our team, 
Welcome everyone to our professional after-sales team email to provide comments.
Thanks a lot.

Dilan answered 1 year ago

what battery is best for aegis 200w
it use dual 18650
when i use AWT high Drain 50A 2600 MAH batt dies fast.
i’m thinking to buy 3500 MAH  35A AWT battery.
is there any recommendation ?
i use 60-100 Watt

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