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Kara Hepper asked 1 year ago

I have the aegis mod and have had it since January and had no issues with it but today it keeps coming up with the message “no coil detected” 

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Luke answered 1 year ago

Instead of giving us the same automated answer sort it out properly treat your customers with respect 

support01 answered 1 year ago

Hi Kara
Thanks for your support and patience, We apologize for your inconvenience,
To enhance our professional handling after-sales efficiency,
here our professional team email, please feel free to send video and issues to there,
We will reply you within 1-3 working days, thanks.

Devu.r answered 1 year ago

N80 fused clapton coil( nichrome) 28ga*3+40ga

Jess answered 1 year ago

Is there any update to this issue? I have the same issue after battery replacement. I noticed low battery, changed them out and have not been able to get the device to recognize the coil. We have even changed the cool and tried different tanks. 

support01 answered 1 year ago

Dear GEEKVAPE fans,
Thanks for your support and patience, 
Our engineers simulation reproduction, inferreddue to some external factors, but no worry it, we have the solution

here is our professional team email, if you have any confused of our items,
please feel free to send video and issues to there,
We will reply you within 1-3 working days, thanks.

Fuckyou answered 1 year ago

Maybe learn to speak English on an English forum you fucking fish head

AudioSensecd answered 1 year ago

i have the same problem no coil detected its only been a couple of week since a bought this mode so now its been a week i cant used this mod im using right now my old one so how to solve this problem

maxime answered 1 year ago

same prob

Roberti answered 1 year ago

Same issue

Jen answered 1 year ago

Same issue

fauzi answered 1 year ago

same problm not detected

Brandon answered 1 year ago

I have had my aegis legend for 2 weeks and all of a sudden it says no coil detected i rebuilt coils ,put other tanks on that work on my other mods and updated firm ware any other sugestion 

Tanis answered 1 year ago

Just recently got a new vape because mine was old, I’ve Had my vape for two days and it’s now saying no coil detected? It also seems to be a real issue with your mods.

Terence answered 1 year ago

Has this issue been resolved yet? ive had mine 2 weeks and got the exact same issue??

Jeff answered 1 year ago

Same problem

Kev answered 1 year ago

Bought the Aegis Legend kit and used the coil already fitted to it.
2 weeks later and I put in the spare GTM 2 coil which came with the kit ……No coil detected.

Mushtaq answered 1 year ago

Same issue

KEVIN HARRIS answered 1 year ago

this is ridiculous same issues NO COIL DETECTED  as everyone else above normally when and issue with the  same product occurs more then a few times than the company should really put is focus towards the issues and solve the .

MOHAMAD HAMDAN answered 1 year ago

same problem no coil detect answered 1 year ago

I have the same exact problem… I have only had this mod 4 weeks!! I had my Sigeli for over a year and a half with no issues, except a couple of screws backing out…. I knew I should have went with my gut and bought the same. Geekvape needs to put out the fix in the forum… if this many people are experiencing this issue. This is POOR customer service.There needs to be something we can all look at and go to. We are all experiencing the same issue. Put out the FIX if there even is one!! Don’t waste our time and yours by asking every single person to send you a video of what is happening, when it is all exactly the SAME! Do the right thing and put out a MASS message!

Calmels-Beaulieux Stéphane answered 1 year ago

Problème sur Geek vape aegis 201814-f4809-gb38. No coil detected.
Acheté il y a quelques mois, je ne peut plus m’en servir.. 

calmels-beaulieux stéphane answered 1 year ago

Suite problème no coil detected: la dernière mise à jour de 07/18 ne résoud pas le problème.

Chess answered 1 year ago

Same problem, no coil detected. Paid a lot of money for this mod just for it not to work. Hoping to get a replacement from the shop i bought it from. I am very frustrated because I am worried the same thing will happen again. The mod is built amazing, however this internals seem to be rushed, or ineffective. With this many problems I am really hoping GEEKVAPE offers some sort of compensation.

Alexandre answered 1 year ago

 today my aegis legend appeared the message not coil detected, none of my atomizers works
I hope a solution
I feel frustrated

Marko Sorsogon answered 1 year ago

I bought one last September 3 (just 6 days ago), and yesterday, the screen displayed: NO COIL DETECTED.

It doesn’t fire at all, instead, it just shows the said error message. I tried my RDA and different others, and it still the NO COIL DETECTED still appeared.
This is frustrating because I bought this for my father who is a chain smoker. He is liking with the thing and doesn’t cough at all (he likes the menthol taste) until it showed this ridiculous error message on the screen.
Now, he is back to smoking. 
I should have bought him an Asmodus (Minikin is what I use), it’s been more than a year now, but it performs like new.
I hope you reply to all of us if you cannot respond to each one who posted here. We trusted your brand, now it’s time to get back to your customers.

Ray Fadeley answered 1 year ago

http://Same issue. JUNK

yusaknatalino answered 1 year ago

same with me
I just bought it 2 days ago, and now it say no coil detected

Joe answered 1 year ago

Same issue. No coil detected. Device worked fine with multiple RDA’s for about a week, then stopped detecting without warning.

Where is the solution to this problem?

Mark B answered 1 year ago

Attention geek vape,  I am having this issue on my gbox 200w squonker. 
I found that tightening the 510 adapter (requires taking the front panel off of the gbox), Fixed the issue. 
I will link a video with the directions in it… Be aware this is for the gbox 200w squonker, I dont know if it will work on your other mods but since you guys apparently havent made any progress that we can see here I will try to help these angry customers of yours..
Also, when will you be explaining how to use VPC for gbox 200w squonker? ?

Jesse hardrbeck answered 1 year ago

same issue. About 2 weeks then no coil detected

Amy answered 1 year ago

I changed my batteries out and it now says “no coil detected”. I changed my tank and coil and it is still saying this message. I see others have had the same problem. Can you please fix this issue?!

ciana answered 1 year ago

No coil detected.. No solution offered yet?? Better not buy geekvape products again..

Ian answered 1 year ago

Hello there im ian and i reoair lots of vaoe mods etc. i encountered that Aegis Legend “NO COIL DETECTED” Upon Cheking The Device theres some Hardware issue when it comes on that one. And i’ve Fix that issue once If your willing to know more u can send me an email regarding on that issue. Thanks i hope i can help

olive answered 1 year ago

hello ian, today i just got the same issue with my box “no coil detected”. how did you fix it? can i do it myself? please tell us more about this issue. thanks a llot

Ian answered 1 year ago

Hello olive for the first time i fix that issue. cusyomer said that he is doing some re cotton only and then suddenly pop up that no coil dectected. U can send me an email @ so that i can send pic of what is the first problem. 

Carley answered 1 year ago

It’s the atomizer not the mod box it’s self. If you have an adjustment screw on the bottom you can bring it down or make sure your bottom part of the  tank is screwed in tight enough. 

Mike the handyman answered 1 year ago

just happened to me, couldnt find a fix. tried pulling out the 510 pin in the mod a little with tweezers, no more problem.
give it a try

Grant R. answered 1 year ago

Happened to mine today, too.  Tried every coil and cart I had, but it wouldn’t read it.  Definitely a hardware issue that shouldn’t happen in 2 weeks and can’t be fixed by a firmware update.  I just got started using mine 2 weeks ago. Luckily, I can return to the retailer.  Sucks, because I really, really liked it, until this,,,

yves answered 1 year ago

same issue for me suddenly after charging directly by usb  my batteries “no coil detected” 

Mic answered 1 year ago

Had the same issue.  Had mine check by an celphone technicial (hehe). Upon openning the 510 pin assembly we found a broken connection and did some soldering. Problem fixed. 

Guy answered 1 year ago

how am i supposed to find the 5-10 pin, i dont even know what that is. fml. im going to have a cigarette

Luke answered 1 year ago

Geek vape sort your shit out I have had mine for 2 weeks to and same problem low batteries then no coil so frustrating people don’t expect to pay 70 pound for a mod then it break 2 weeks later I have brought so many mods they all look new and they have all broke in a week to 3 weeks I think it’s cheaper to smoke 

Jason answered 1 year ago

Dear Sir/Madame,
Geekvape team will be on holiday for National Day from Oct 1th to Oct 7th.
We apologize for the inconvenience and reply you once we are back in the office.

Mathieu answered 1 year ago

Same problem here! no coil detected.Wow i have been using it for only one week!!!

pissedoffcustomer answered 1 year ago

$90 and three days later, no coil detected. Awesome.

Saw Min answered 1 year ago

I think check the pin still poping out to meet with atomizer …. sometimes it may be jammed …. using small screw driver and push and to make it work again …. i tried it on my mod and it works …. 

j answered 1 year ago

had mod 8 weeks I unscrews the tank and pushed the center pin in and out a few times put tank back on and it works great you could pull pin out a little should be the same thing I think good luck

Beagle answered 1 year ago

One day is all it lasted before getting the “No coil detected” message on the screen. At time of purchase, I had the vape shop do the new update on the mod. Have tried different tanks and every single one of them still give this message on screen. 
I have been a loyal customer of geek vape products in the past but I will never buy again. Once bitten, twice shy. I have researched this problem and there are many others out there that have this same problem. In the end, geek vapes solution to this problem is to just blame the customer and offer no solution to fixing or admitting that there is a problem with either the latest update or the device itself. Shame on you geek vape!!
I will not be jumping through your hoops by sending you a video and other bullshit. This mod is going back to where I purchased it from for a full refund. I will never buy another geek vape product ever again. You have lost a loyal customer.

Sam Kattih answered 1 year ago

It’s very upsetting when you have been waiting for a new device in the mail for a week plus and when it arrives it’s a total flop. Returning this and buying one from another company. Very disappointed

Ray answered 1 year ago

Is ther a fix fo this? 
Or is this a 90.00 paper weight?
Very unhappy customer!!!

Mike answered 1 year ago

Plugged mine in last night using their supplied cord, woke up and unplugged my fully charged, went to take a puff like every morning and guess what…. no coil detected, yup what’s the deal? I have to resort to a banged up old mod that has been a reliable mod because geekvape sucks? I know your better then this geekvape help me fix this or get me a new one with the problem fixed. Looking forward to your email response geekvape

Joe answered 1 year ago

Same problem with mine. I unscrewed the tank, put new coils in it and screwed the tank back on. Then all of a sudden “No Coil detected” What the Heck guys? Indestructible my ass :/

Provaper answered 1 year ago

Here is the Fix for all you people complaining.
Unscrew your tank.  Clean any juice that is on the 510 pin (if you do not know what that is – go learn)

Press on the 510 gold connection on the MOD – push it down and see if it releases quickly or slowly.
If it is moving very slowly – Press it a few times and replace your tank.

If it moves quickly – go to your atomizer and adjust the 510 PIN a quarter turn to loosen it out.

This will fix your problem with the ATOMIZER because it is your ATOMIZER that is the problem.

Andreas Ohl answered 1 year ago

provaper… please change your name.
The atomizer isn‘t the problem. I have more than 20 Atomizers and not one of them is working!
The Issue comes from the box!

YUP answered 1 year ago

If I push on my tank it’ll work but if not I get the No  Coil Detected. Anyone else try this?

Andreas Ohl answered 1 year ago


Nope… with pushing doesn’t work too

Mad Max answered 1 year ago

И что дальше Geek Vape? Ваша продукция получается не работает по факту? Обманываете покупателей, не отвечаете на письма! No coil detected как исправить?

Mad Max answered 1 year ago

And what’s next for Geek Vape? Your products do not work after the fact? Deceive customers, do not respond to letters! No coil detected how to fix?

Mad Max answered 1 year ago

My email answer me

Anthony Howell answered 1 year ago

I bought the vape like a month ago didn’t use it because I did not have time to buy batteries and as soon as I put them in it says no coil detected I’m super disappointed in the novakit because this was my first time even trying to use it please find a solution 

Stoian answered 1 year ago

After 2 months of using the device suddenly no coil detected, what shoud i do?

William answered 12 months ago

I’ve had the same problem with my Gbox Squonk 200w after 2 month of daily usage. At some point I got so pissed I dismantled it all the way to find out what may have cause that “coil not detected” problem. When rebuilt it worked like a charm. I think the problem comes from the nut that may be too loose so try to tighten that up and it should be working properly.

Joel Chia answered 12 months ago

I’m having the same issue “No Coil Detected “.
I’ve only read all the comments and similar complaints. Where’s Geekvape to respond?
Looking forward to resolve this issue soonest possible.

Joe answered 12 months ago

Just tell your problem the support team. I didn’t have my warranty anymore but they helped me with a replacement (for a small fee of 30 bucks). I also could have sent it back and let them repair it. But a new one is just better (and hopefully more stable) 😀

Marc answered 12 months ago

I too am experiencing this issue after 2 months of very light use. I take care of my mod like a delicate baby and now it’s showing me this error message that says “no coil detected”. Please fix this issue asap or I want my money back.

GOFUCKYOURSELF answered 12 months ago

Hey geekvape, suck my dick you gutless supportless cunts.
Never stocking your stuff again. 
Fucking losers.

Richard answered 12 months ago

After 4 months no coil detected….
no answer, no fix….???
new mod – no coil detected again????
Don’t buy mod…..

wow answered 12 months ago


Luis answered 12 months ago

Bought this mod for it shock proof and water proof features. because I thought it would be very resistant. 
Upgraded the firmware and it says now. no coil detected. tried 8 different tanks. they all work ok on my sigeli that is 2 years old. 
why are there so many people having the same issue. I’m trying to work with them on my warranty, but they dont read the emails. they take a whole day to answer in between emails. 
Do you want my business. take back my faulty mod and reflash it and then send it back working. or offer me a new mod as a replacement. but take care of your customers. 

Théo answered 12 months ago

Yep, same thing here, afrer battery replacement. It sucks.

Mikey answered 12 months ago

Same thing multiple tanks and an rda don’t work on my aegis legend mod anymore tho they do work on my gf’s wolf whatever mod. What am I supposed to do now? Btw I’ve only had this mod for at most 2 months and I can’t find the receipt. 

Ray Joel Cash answered 11 months ago

Same issue they need to do something. I gave them my hard earned money for a(indestructible ) mod and looks like got f-ed in the but

Ben answered 11 months ago

buy it 4 days ago and dont know about this big problem. The Reseller dont tell anything about it. So after 4 days… No Coil Detected. Thumbs Up 

Robert answered 11 months ago

i do not work for geekvape but i came up with a solution that seems to work. first, clean everything to make sure you have a good circuit. then, start with the pin in the actual tank. insert something flat and rigid (i used my finger nail) to pull the pin out slightly. not too far, as if it comes out all the way i have a feeling it would be an issue to get back in correctly. only pull it out a few mm. then, before screwing it back onto the mod, use a small screwdriver or something similar and try to do the same with the pin in the actual mod. screwing the tank back on after doing this should ensure that the pins and coil are making contact like they should. i know this seems like a simple fix, but i just had this same issue on a whole 5pk. of coils. tweaking the pins made it work. it made me think the problem may not be geekvape, but rather slight variations in the size of the coils.

Ben answered 11 months ago

Hey guys had this problem and what worked for me was very simple. Im guessing alot of you guys are new to vaping in general like me. My problem was the tank was too tightly wound in my mod. Try loosening a bit and see what happens.

Paul answered 11 months ago

 Ok guys, i know this is probably an older thread but heres what i have to offer. I bought a geekvape blade mod 2 days ago while i was in Knoxville tenneessee visiting. I reside in Iowa so simply returning it to the store isnt possible. I got up today and swapped out tanks for a few hits of coffee then switched back to my geekvape creed tank and the mod didnt recognize my tank, so i swapped back to my cloud beast king and nothing. After searching online for an hour i desided to just pull the blade apart to see what was going on. I removed the batteries and the 4 tiny star head screws and when i pulled the battery holder i saw the blue wire going from the board to the bottom fitting that holds the tank had broken at the solder joint so being an avid rc guy i fired up the soldering iron and had it fixed in less than a min and it works fine again. This may or may not void your warranty but in my case it would’ve been easier to replace the mod so i wasnt concerned with the warranty. Most likely it was just a weak solder joint and somehow it wiggled itself enough to break. Hope this helps someone from the pain of sending their mod off and having to wait a week or two to get it back

Muhammad Foda answered 11 months ago

Same shit
one day old and no coil detected
@geekvape please explain the problem and the solution to it
we deserve that at least if you’re not doing the right thing and replacing the faulty units with free new ones on you expenses
We paid full money for a working 200 watt mod that is shockproof and waterproof
we deserve our products worth!

Jessica Kearl answered 10 months ago
I just followed what they suggested on this page and it started working, I only and to re build my tank so the coil was sitting better and it detected it like normal.

Anthony Pedley answered 10 months ago

I had an Aegis Legend as a trial from a supplier and I had this problem after one day. After this I’ve removed all Geekvape products from my store and I’ve had no issues since 👍🏻

David Gristwood answered 10 months ago

bought mine last Aug (,been very careful with it )until a few days ago loved it ,now I get “no coil detected” and despite trying substitution of atomisers ,cleaning,software update ect no change,very disappointed hoping Geek vape will address this problem (especially since reading all these post its not an uncommon problem)

Geekvapesucks answered 10 months ago

What the hell? Geek Vape are you for real? You guys are just going to ignore all of us complaining about the same issue? I hope your business goes to sh**s! 

D.Müller answered 10 months ago

Auch meine mir am 10.01.2019 gelieferte Aegis Legend Mod 200W.
Ist am 12.01.2019 mit “no coil detected” aus gestiegen.
Bin von GeekVape extrem enttäuscht, habe bis jetzt sehr viel auf euch gehalten.
Die Aegis Legend ist eine echt geile Mod Box in Funktion, Handhabung und Optik TOP.
Nur das extrem frühe sterben der Box *nach 2 Tagen* ist echt eine enttäuschung, dafür das es eine “Unzerstörbare” Box ist.
Nur zur Info die Aegis Legend ist nie runter gefallen, kein Wasser kontakt, alle Akkus und Alle Verdampfer sind Okay. Und wurden getestete mit meinen anderen Akkuträgern die alle einige stürze hinter sich haben. Und funktionieren trotzdem fehlerlos ohne probleme.
Was ich vor dem “no coil detected” gemacht habe. War ihr Firmware Update (V1.2-0710) am vor Abend auf gespielt. Aber nach dem Firmware update funktionierte sie für paar Stunden gelegenheits Dampfen. Und am nächsten Tag habe ich eine Neuen Verdampfer mit DuelCoil aus gestattet. (0,2Ohm gesammt) Worauf ich die neue Coil aus geglüht habe bei 30W. Bis dahin alles Super, da ging sie ja auch noch. War zwar danach etwas warm. (Etwas mehr als Hand Warm ca 40°C) Aber das sollte sie ja ab können. Nach dem wickeln wollte ich dampfen und da ging sie auf einmal nicht mehr (no coil detected) Ohne irgend ein vor Anzeichen
Also habe ich den neu gewickelten Verdampfern auf meine “Alte” Akkuträgern getestet. Wiederstand wurde sofort erkannt und ich habe gleich vor enttäuschung gedampft.
Hoffe ihr könnt den Fehler finden und ausbessern. Wenn dass so ist bin ich gerne bereit wieder eine Aegis Legend zukaufen. Den es ist bis auf das frühe Sterben durch “no coil detected” eine echt geile ModBox.
MfG D.Müller

Angus answered 10 months ago

One fucking day? This piece of shit goes back for a refund tomorrow.

Blake @ GuideToVaping answered 10 months ago

For those of you struggling with the “No Coil Detected” warning, I’ve created a post especially for you. Hopefully, this helps solve your problems.

Edward answered 10 months ago

so dont waste your time thinking it will help you with the issue. Mine happened after updating the software. 
everything else is good. numerous tanks. connections are clean. 
got warranty service on mine. took for ever but my mod is sitting at the post office now. 

Victor answered 9 months ago

Same problem here. Any solution?

Amanda answered 9 months ago

Put a small piece of foil in mod where coil screws in. Put only on circle in the middle. Hope this helps! I’ve been very frustrated for 2 days with this. 

Luiz answered 9 months ago

Same here after 4 months of use.
I sent an email but, I think I will remain unanswered, and I believe that I will not have since no one here was answered with any solution…
 Geekvape, when are you going to look at your customers?

vaporrrr answered 8 months ago

So since Geekvape isnt answering i will sent m’y New one immidiatly back. Dont Support such Trash

Mau calde answered 8 months ago

So sad geek vape doesn’t do anything to fix this problem, I have 3 more mods from other brands and never had this problem. Geek vape please do something you have great equipment, I’m gonna stop using your equipment until you fix this. 

Kevin answered 8 months ago

Hey guys I went and tore mine completely apart because they are apparently not gonna do anything about this problem you guys are having and it is because of the motherboard there the coil capacitor is on the motherboard just burns up unexpectedly and if you guys have any questions let me know but this is something that needs to be repaired by the manufacturer it cannot be done by just us onless you guys are crazy good at little connections on a little board and a soldering gun and have the replacement components but if you want to see what the problem is shoot me an email and I’ll send you guys a picture of what has happened on the motherboard and mine did work until one day I pulled the battery out and charged them on my external charger and then it would stop firing ever sence 

VapeKing answered 8 months ago

Had the same issue… woke up one day and BANG – no coil detected. Listened to one of the earlier posts, put a small ball of coil in and it worked. Took out the foil, still works. It’s like it’s a software issue or something..  either way, I got my morning nicotine so im not complaining :^)

VapeKing answered 8 months ago

Small ball of foil***

Cire answered 8 months ago

I fixed mine by opening the top (3 tiny star drive) and the tightening the 3 tiny screws that hild the 510 connector pin to the wiring.  Worked like a charm.  You will have to order a tiny drive set

David answered 7 months ago

Hey guys. Have had this issue a few times. It appears to be due to poor battery connectivity and continuity through the connection termination. removing the battery, cleaning the surface of the positive and negative ends of both the battery and the internals/screw in plug, followed by ensuring when screwing in your doing it super tight, has resolved the issue on every occasion. No foil required. Could be just my vape, but has worked every time I’ve had this fault code occur. 

OverDream answered 7 months ago

Hello guys! I finally managed to resolve this issue with “No coil detected” message on my Aegis 200W. This is the link to my video where I explain how to fix this problem. Enjoy)

Timothy answered 7 months ago

 I had this problem this morning. I plugged in my mod with tank attached discharge when I went to bed and when I woke up, it gave me the dreaded no coil detected message. I eventually solved it by holding down the Vape button for a few seconds. It has to be a software malfunction, as nothing changed about my Hardware overnight.

Timothy answered 7 months ago

I realized that the above fix was short-lived. After a couple of puffs, it went back to the same message “no coil detected.” So I opened a case, and never got a response. Then, I downgraded my firmware to version V1.1-0611 by going to this page and following the instructions. That actually worked. Hope someone else finds this and saves themselves hours of tinkering and Googling. 

Aaron answered 7 months ago

For anyone still having this issue, try taking some aluminum foil, make it into the shape of a coin, and small enough to fit in to where the tank screws into the mod, then screw the mod back in on top of it. It\’ll help if your connectors are the issue, or if your connector is dirty, twisting it in there then taking it out will help scrub stuff off of it.

Michael Lahren answered 7 months ago

I have had the same problem and found the fix. Email me l a h r e n 903 Gmail. This is not spam. I will send you instructions how to fix it permanently. My website is not up yet.

Michael Lahren answered 7 months ago

No coil detected problem fixed. This is for the 100 watt I don\’t have the 200 watt but I\’m sure it\’s the same problem. If you are out of warranty and pulling your hair out working with customer service email me l a h r e n 903 Gmail. over 200 Puffs and still working I missed my old friend.

Krys answered 7 months ago

I have the same problem with mine, great mod until this happened. Very angry 

Kim answered 7 months ago

Took my tank off to clean an put new juice in and now no coil detected. Only had this thing a month. Cleaned everything still wont work

Dawn answered 6 months ago

Same problem as others. No coil detected and I have had mine less than a week. Paid $128 for 6 days. Unbelievable

Dawn answered 6 months ago

Same problem as others. No coil detected and I have had mine less than a week. Paid $128 for 6 days. Unbelievable

Martin answered 6 months ago

Had mine for about 5 months been working great now says no coil detected.. so much for a sturdy mod… what do i do?

Martin answered 6 months ago

Had mine for about 5 months been working great now says no coil detected.. so much for a sturdy mod… what do i do?

Corey answered 6 months ago

Bought mine today after my Krugertech went bad after 3 years. The shop worker talked me into it, and it felt better made than cheaper versions. I open the new GeekVape, charged it and waited, powered it up to find “No Coil Detected”… 1 google search using those terms with GeekVape and it wasn’t hard to find that this is a major issue, one that seems like every person who ever purchased GeekVape has experienced. The only consistency I have read about GeekVape is their mods guaranteed failure of the coil sensor. 
This has been on the forum for almost a year and still no fix…? No legitimate effort being made to remedy the problem…? I’ll be returning it in the morning.

Lester david answered 6 months ago

I bought mine april 14, 2019. Same issue happened may 7, 2019. I keep on sending msg thru emails but no reply. This is a waste of money

Justin Melton answered 6 months ago

no coil detected, geek vape, replace my mod ASAP, i am on the road for work and would like to keep my nicotine intake steady.

Cody answered 6 months ago

Same problem. Cleaned it and switched coils.

Melinda Morris answered 6 months ago

I have the same problem. No coil detected 

Gramado answered 6 months ago

Same problem. I’ve tried everything I think (changing tanks, cleaning, soft update, factory reset etc) and still not working…

Justin answered 5 months ago

Same no coil detected this is retarded

an3 answered 5 months ago

Same Problem after 7 Days of use! Any Ideas???

Adam answered 5 months ago

 It’s the firmware. The old firmware does not have the issue. Customer service send you out a new mod but it will do the exact same thing. No coil detected. Not sure their Is a answer. 

S Kas answered 5 months ago

Same thing happened to my Aegis Legend after 2 months.. Spring loaded pin in mod not extending and I can’t find tool with the star shaped head small enough to take it apart and fix the spring or the pin… no response from customer service…

Rachel answered 5 months ago

I got ‘no coil detected’ after I had changed the coil. I used tweezers to flick the 510 pin and it’s working like a top! It took me longer to type this message than it did to fix my Aegis 🙂

krzysztof answered 5 months ago

Aekis solo kit one working day, error no coil detected !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ryan answered 5 months ago

 I have 2 aegis mods and both have done the same within a few months of buying never using geekvape again 

Peter answered 5 months ago

 same here

S Kas answered 5 months ago

I tried customer service again, this time I realized I was sending the email to the Chinese customer service instead of the USA. So I sent it to the USA, and they were very responsive!!!!! Wrote back same day. They answer the Michigan phone number too! Luckily my device was still in the 3 month period from purchase. I sent them all the info they needed, pics of the receipt, the serial num, the authenticity number on the scratch off, pic of it saying “no coil detected”. They wrote back same day giving me a Michigan address to send the device to. It got there today and they wrote me back today saying they received it and that it gave the error as soon as they fired it up and that they were going to try some quick repairs and if that didn’t work, send me a replacement. An hour later they emailed again saying they were sending me a replacement and provided me a tracking num. I looked up the num, it’s not yet in USPS system, no big surprise there tho since they just sent it, but in the email the ETA is 7/1, 3 days from today… So unless they didn’t send it or it comes defective or something weird like that, this will have actually been a really great customer service experience!!! Shout out to the person who didn’t put a name on the email’s, just signed them with “Geekvape Customer Service” MUCH APPRECIATED!!!!!!! Sorry for those of you who’s devices were past the 90 day period or who tried to use the customer service and weren’t able to… I felt your pain for a couple of weeks

Kaz answered 4 months ago

Hey Guys, I figured out what it was. At least in my situation. I never used the coil the Aegis came with, I ended up buying a different tank and a different coil set up all together. But as a reserve I set the coil and tank it came with to the side. When I finally ended up trying to use the coil and tank the Aegis came with I was given the message (Coil Not Detected!) the problem that I found is that the size of the threads from the tank I bought extend further than the coil and tank it came with. Permanently and slightly damaging the Aegis Mod. So after I noticed this I went out and purchased a new coil for the tank I had been using and lo and behold the mod works. In the future Ill be looking at all slight differences in my tanks and checking those thread depths and though they should be spring loaded, if you use an alternate tank for too long you will be forced to remain with that tank in the future or a tank with the same thread count and depth as the one you had been using.

Jay answered 4 months ago

Had this issue after switching coils and managed to fix it. For the record I\’m using an Aegis Legend with a Falcon King, and specifically the m1+ coil.
On the bottom of the coil is a little piece that is detachable, which is the piece that makes contact with the 510 pin on your mod. If you remove this piece and take a look inside your coil, you will see a little metal wire protruding from the wire mesh inside. You need to make sure that this metal wire and the detachable piece are making contact. As long as they are touching you should be fine. 

Will answered 4 months ago

This may help.

Lily dyck answered 4 months ago

Just take the tank off and screw off the bottom and clean where there coil is and then turn it on it should say new coil then click the up button 

biic answered 3 months ago

 same problem  

biic answered 3 months ago

Surprisingly, I have this NO COIL I search for solutions, this issue is questionable..
Geek Vape company…please..give us the solution for this problem, I am honestly amazed by your product, but not knowing this issue will means a lot..its a matter of entertaining all the queries of your valuable customers..

biic answered 3 months ago

Surprisingly, I have this NO COIL I search for solutions, this issue is questionable..
Geek Vape company…please..give us the solution for this problem, I am honestly amazed by your product, but not knowing this issue will means a lot..its a matter of entertaining all the queries of your valuable customers..

biic answered 3 months ago

Surprisingly, I have this NO COIL I search for solutions, this issue is questionable..
Geek Vape company…please..give us the solution for this problem, I am honestly amazed by your product, but not knowing this issue will means a lot..its a matter of entertaining all the queries of your valuable customers..

biic answered 3 months ago

Surprisingly, I have this NO COIL I search for solutions, this issue is questionable..
Geek Vape company…please..give us the solution for this problem, I am honestly amazed by your product, but not knowing this issue will means a lot..its a matter of entertaining all the queries of your valuable customers..

biic answered 3 months ago

Surprisingly, I have this NO COIL I search for solutions, this issue is questionable..
Geek Vape company…please..give us the solution for this problem, I am honestly amazed by your product, but not knowing this issue will means a lot..its a matter of entertaining all the queries of your valuable customers..

Sri Syahrul Syahrizan Bin Salim answered 3 months ago

I bought one last August 14 2019 (just 12 days ago), and on August 23rd 2019 ,the screen displayed: NO COIL DETECTED.
It doesn’t fire at all, instead, it just shows the said error message. I tried my RDA and different others, and it still the NO COIL DETECTED still appeared.

Rayan answered 3 months ago

Bonjour, alors la prochaine fois je lirais ce genre de de commentaire avant d’acheter vos atomiseur car comme tout le monde j’ai le message “check atomizer” et pourtant il s’agit de votre tout NOUVEAU ONE RTA. S’il vous plaît indiquez nous une réponse.

Bogdan answered 4 weeks ago

Aegis SOLO NO COIL message !!! Solved!!!
Hi everyone
I had the same problem as everyone here after 2 days of use. I was prepared to go back to the shop to give it back in the morning. In the meanwhile i took a Torx screwdriver and i removed the 3 screws from the top metal disc(where the atomiser screws in) with the intention of removing the disc to look for bad connections but the disc wouldn’t come off. After removing the 3 screws,i’ve put back the atomiser and give it a try. Surprize, it worked. then i started to put back the screws. First it was the one in line with the display(the one in front let’s say). Still no NO COIL message. It was after i screwed in the 2-nd screw, the message appeared back. So now it’s left with only one screw. I think that the screws are too long(at least 2 of them) and they touch something inside or the metal disc presses on some connection.
So tomorrow i will cut a few mm from the 2 screwed screws to see if it will work. 
I don’t know if it will work for everyone but at least it worth to try.
Hope you get back vaping soon.
Message to the manufacturer: Put shorter screws or look around them on the inside to see what causes this issue with almost all of the Aegis Solo and as a sign of appreciation,use my email to get in touch,so i can give you my adress where to send me some of your products.

Tee answered 1 week ago

No coil detected, changed tank and oil for one i know works and still.same error msg. Definitely mod issue. I want my money back geekvape u suck dick

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