WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
Only for adults. Anyone below the age of 21 is prohibited from buying e-cigarette.



To be able to provide better product authentication services,
Geekvape is been upgraded the security check label and Please be noticed that
what label is on your product and select the appropriate system for product security inspection..

Thank you for Choosing GeekVape

Animation Before

Optical curvature animation

Animation After

Visual Authenticity Check

Logo will expand gradually to curved shape with the
different viewing angle .

1. Background uses directional extensions

2. Optical curvature animation technology, 360° full Angle visible metal three-dimensional
relief effect with different viewing angles.

3. Two different fonts with high miniatures must be viewed with
different magnifying glasses.

4. The scratchable area shows the number of anti-counterfeiting code.

5. After the scratch can be seen specific digital security code.

Security Code Check

Scratch the code and enter the 12 digit security code below.

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