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Building a Sustainable Supply Chain: Geekvape Joins Sedex

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Building a Sustainable Supply Chain: Geekvape Joins SedexBuilding a Sustainable Supply Chain: Geekvape Joins Sedex

Geekvape and its wholly-owned subsidiary Qisi Intelligence (hereinafter referred to as the Company) are closely following global corporate sustainability trends and responding to stakeholder demands. We have recently become official member of the world’s leading responsible business platform, Sedex, as Supplier Plus members. This move is aimed at responsibly adhering to ethical business practices and continuously improving the performance of supply chain management.
In the next step, the Company will closely collaborate with customers, suppliers, and other stakeholders through Sedex platform to accelerate the implementation of responsible supply chain, thereby achieving sustainable operations. Meanwhile, we will adopt Sedex’s globally used responsive supply chain assessment programme (SMETA) to effectively assess and manage the company’s performances in labouir issues, human rights, worker health and safety, environmental compliance, and business ethics, and demonstrate the company’s efforts towards sustainable development.

A brief introduction of Sedex
Sedex is a global membership-based responsible business platform that works with companies/ organisations across the value chain to promote responsible and sustainable business performance and to advance the harmonisation and balance of business, society and the environment.
Sedex has over 80,000 members in 180 countries globally, across over 35 industries such as retail, apparel, home goods, food, agriculture, financial services, electronics, automotive,