WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
Only for adults. Anyone below the age of 21 is prohibited from buying e-cigarette.

Versatile single chip

Muiti-Model architecture

  • 1. NEURAL

    Optimized all levels of user experience that
    maximizing power efficiency with accurate adjustment
    of power output and coil resistance matching, while user
    safety protection is being rigorously operating every time.

  • 2. FASTEST

    Rapidly processing all the different needs of users
    with different coils matching and varieties power
    output selecting. Enhanced power efficiency and
    battery life which is perfect for high-performance users.

  • 3. MACHINE

    For the future development, Geekvape will breed its
    own database to deliver real-time cognitive automation at
    the cloud scale and continually adapt to conduct precise
    analysis in order to deliver the best user experiences.

Super faster firing accelerator

Redefines speed

Response time is less than 0.8s delivering instant throat hit on every single puff

Power efficiency

More power

Excellent power efficiency is enhanced power
output and less energy consumption which making
a huge leap in battery life

Maximum Protection

Designed from
ground up for
extreme users

Superior user safety protection by 10s Cut-off protection,
Short circuit protection, Over charging & discharging protection,
Over-heat protection, Over-current protection and Anti-dry protection

Maximum Accuracy

Absolute precision, you control

Precise adjustable airflow control and accurate
adjustment of power output enhanced the user
experience by generating more vapor production and
deliver outstanding flavor.

All-in-one chipset

Packed and ready
to power on

AS chipset is the powerful source of energy to complete all the complex tasks – superfast firing,
power efficiency, maximizing user protection, and optimized accuracy. Reinforce all
levels of user experiences by the fascinating All-in-one powerful chipset performance.