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  • Aegis Boost Pro

    Aegis Boost Pro



  • Mero AIO Kit

    Mero AIO Kit

  • Zeus Nano

    Zeus Nano

  • Aegis Hero

    Aegis Hero

  • Wenax


  • Aegis Boost Plus

    Aegis Boost Plus

  • Aegis MAX

    Aegis MAX

  • Zues X Mesh

    Zues X Mesh

  • Aegis Pod

    Aegis Pod

  • Aegis Legend

    Aegis Legend

  • Aegis X

    Aegis X

  • Aegis Mini

    Aegis Mini

  • Aegis Solo

    Aegis Solo

  • Aegis Squonk

    Aegis Squonk

  • Aegis Boost

    Aegis Boost

  • Bident


  • Zeus X

    Zeus X

  • Tengu


  • Creed


How to Update Firmware

How to Update Firmware

If you have aegis legend and aegis original 100w(first version of aegis lines)
Here you can update them to the lateset firmware version.
And here is the vedio show you how to update aegis legend.
Please note that we only release the firmware of aegis legend
and aegis original 100w(the first version of aegis lines).
So if you have other mod, please do not try to update it,
as it would result to malfuctioning or bricking of the mod,
and it will not be covered by Geekvape’s warranty services.

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