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Geekvape's "Smart Manufacturing Factory": To Empower the High-quality Development of the E-cigarette Industry

By Geekvape
BEST in the Industry – Geekvape won 6 awards at Ecigclick Awards 2021!
Geekvape saw early on the significance of smart manufacturing for increasing their core competencies and acted accordingly. Geekvape has amassed the resources to perform creative and cutting-edge technology research in recent years, ushering in an era of fast growth. As a result, it has become one of the leading companies in the worldwide e-cigarette sector, exporting its GEEKVAPE and GEEKBAR products to more than 70 countries. 
BEST in the Industry – Geekvape won 6 awards at Ecigclick Awards 2021!
Geekvape, a prominent manufacturer of electronic atomization technologies, has implemented a lean, information-based, automated production method. The company has used lean production and standardized process management in order to create an industry-leading lean supply chain model and higher-quality goods and services for its clients. Geekvape's supply chain management system integrates capital, commercial, and informational movements with logistical ones. The company is largely automated, expanding production capacity and attaining intelligent product production thanks to a big automatic assembly line packaging process. To visit: https://fb.watch/h5qjcg_GsB/
According to reports, Geekvape is in the process of constructing an industrial park within the Zhuhai National Hi-Tech Industrial Development District in Guangdong province. The park, which is a collaborative effort with the atomisation technology company QISITECH, is said to be an ambitious undertaking.
The entire project is anticipated to be finished within two years. QISITECH’s involvement covers research and development, manufacturing and distribution of electronic atomisation equipment, alongside clean, dust-free facilities for trial production, assembly, preparation for liquid filling and packaging.
The new industrial park will be more than 15 times larger than Geekvape's current Zhuhai location, which is 14,000 square meters and contains three standard workshops and over 80 production lines.
BEST in the Industry – Geekvape won 6 awards at Ecigclick Awards 2021!
"Digitization and smart manufacturing will offer great benefits, not just in production volume and efficiencies, but also in assuring consumers around the world that our products are made to consistently high quality standards and can be enjoyed safely," said Allen Yang, CEO of GEEKVAPE.
“The integrated packaging technology and three-level QR coding introduces a higher level of traceability to defeat counterfeit and illicit sales.”
This transparency of product information, supported by online automatic detection, with an alarm, analysis and diagnostic system, assures the traceability of products through the information stored on each batch.
BEST in the Industry – Geekvape won 6 awards at Ecigclick Awards 2021!
Smart manufacturing has improved Geekvape Technology's competitiveness, allowing it to become an inventor, pioneer, and enabler of smart manufacturing for e-cigarettes. In addition to providing Geekvape's with positive financial results and delivering overall improvements in cost containment, quality, and efficiency, it has the potential to advance energy conservation, environmentally friendly production, and positive social outcomes.