WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
Only for adults. Anyone below the age of 21 is prohibited from buying e-cigarette.

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  • Wenax Q MINI

    Wenax Q MINI

    Quest for Chic



    Awaken Your Soul

  • DIGI Q

    DIGI Q

    Quest for Fantasy.



    Go Wild with Nano



    Pick the Peak.

  • GEEKVAPE Z Fli Tank

    GEEKVAPE Z Fli Tank

    Flip, Fill.

  • Wenax S3

    Wenax S3

    Better Breath with Style.

  • Geekvape AQ

    Geekvape AQ

    Quest for Adventure.

  • Geekvape H45 Classic

    Geekvape H45 Classic

    Classic HERO Packs a Punch.

  • Wenax K2

    Wenax K2

    Keen to Chill.

  • Wenax Q

    Wenax Q

    Quest for Wonder.

  • Sonder Q

    Sonder Q

    Quest for Chill.

  • GEEKVAPE Z200 Kit

    GEEKVAPE Z200 Kit

    The Absolute Power.

  • Geekvape B100 Kit

    Geekvape B100 Kit

    New Tri-Proof. New Boost Pro.

  • GEEKVAPE L200 Classic

    GEEKVAPE L200 Classic

    New Legend 2. New Power Beast.

  • Geekvape E100 & E100i Kit

    Geekvape E100 & E100i Kit

    Once Try, Forever Eteno.

  • Geekvape AU

    Geekvape AU

    Once for All. Aegis for U.

  • Wenax U

    Wenax U

    Once for All. Wenax for U.

  • Obelisk U

    Obelisk U

    Once for All. Obelisk for U.



    Once for All. Digiflavor for U.

  • GEEKVAPE Z Sub-ohm SE Tank

    GEEKVAPE Z Sub-ohm SE Tank

    More Durable Than Ever.

  • Geekvape T200

    Geekvape T200

    The Smartest Touch Vape Ever.

  • Sonder U

    Sonder U

    Once for All. Sonder for U.

  • Geekvape B60

    Geekvape B60

    New Tri-proof. Empower Boost.

  • Wenax H1

    Wenax H1

    Enduring does it all.

  • Geekvape Z100C DNA Kit

    Geekvape Z100C DNA Kit

    Perfect Flavor Replays.

  • Wenax M1

    Wenax M1

    Air within Reach.

  • Geekvape Max100 Kit

    Geekvape Max100 Kit

    New Tri-proof, New Aegis Max.

  • Geekvape AP2

    Geekvape AP2

    New Tri-proof. New Aegis Pod.



    New Tri-proof. New HERO

  • Geekvape ONE

    Geekvape ONE

    First Vape Pen with New Aegis Design.

  • Geekvape 1FC

    Geekvape 1FC

    World's First Fast Charging Vape Pen

  • Obelisk 65

    Obelisk 65

    Tech Chic in Palm

  • Obelisk 65FC

    Obelisk 65FC

    First Fast Charging Pod Mod

  • Geekvape B100 21700 Kit

    Geekvape B100 21700 Kit

    Pro 4 Pro.

  • Wenax S-C

    Wenax S-C

    Shining. Speedy. Smooth.

  • Geekvape M100

    Geekvape M100

    New tri-proof, now in mini.

  • Geekvape S100

    Geekvape S100

    New tri-proof has the Solo.

  • Obelisk C Tank

    Obelisk C Tank

    Tri-boosting Flavor.

  • Cerberus SE Tank

    Cerberus SE Tank

    Full Protection Excellence.

  • Obelisk Tank

    Obelisk Tank

    Slide to Safety.

  • Geekvape L200

    Geekvape L200

    Legend Leaps,Aegis Legend 2.

  • Geekvape Nano

    Geekvape Nano

    Bravo in Nano.

  • Geekvape Z50

    Geekvape Z50

    Packs in Power.

  • Geekvape Z Max Tank

    Geekvape Z Max Tank

    Clouds Favor Max.

  • Obelisk 120 FC

    Obelisk 120 FC

    The World's First Vape with Safe Fast Charging

  • Aegis Boost Pro

    Aegis Boost Pro

    Four in Full Will.

  • Aegis Boost LE Bonus Kit

    Aegis Boost LE Bonus Kit

    More Flavors Await.

  • Mero AIO Kit

    Mero AIO Kit

    Every detail is just right

  • Aegis Hero

    Aegis Hero

    Top Airflow Top Performance

  • Geekvape Z Nano 2 Tank

    Geekvape Z Nano 2 Tank

    The Most Reliable Leakproof Nano Tank

  • Geekvape ZX II RTA

    Geekvape ZX II RTA

    Flavor Enhanced, Again

  • Geekvape Z Sub-ohm Tank

    Geekvape Z Sub-ohm Tank

    Leakproof Sub-ohm Tank

  • Geekvape ZX RTA

    Geekvape ZX RTA

    Ultimate Leakproof RTA

  • Simple Tool Kit

    Simple Tool Kit

  • Hybrid Alpha Braid Coil 2 In 1

    Hybrid Alpha Braid Coil 2 In 1

  • MTL Fused Clapton Coil 2 In 1 F208

    MTL Fused Clapton Coil 2 In 1 F208

  • Multi Strand Fused Clapton Coil 2 In 1

    Multi Strand Fused Clapton Coil 2 In 1

  • N90 Fused Clapton Coil 2 In 1

    N90 Fused Clapton Coil 2 In 1



  • Feather Cotton-20Pcs

    Feather Cotton-20Pcs

  • Koh Gen Do Japanese Organic Cotton

    Koh Gen Do Japanese Organic Cotton

  • Organic Cotton Balls (8pcs-pack)

    Organic Cotton Balls (8pcs-pack)

  • Mini Tool Kit

    Mini Tool Kit

  • Wires


  • Multi functional Ceramic Tweezer

    Multi functional Ceramic Tweezer

  • Clapton Coil 2 In 1

    Clapton Coil 2 In 1

  • Building Mat

    Building Mat

  • Braid Coil 2 In 1

    Braid Coil 2 In 1